Discover Modern Application of French Patterns in Home Decor

Discover Modern Application of French Patterns in Home Decor

Add a little "perfume" to the starch of the trending Minimalist home decor Look by adding few of touches of the most signature of French patterns.  At The Finishing Touch Decor, we offer you Chinoiserie to add a bit of Spring to the current decor trend toward minimalism, while still maintaining the modernity.

The Chinoiserie aesthetic was introduced to France and assimilated as one of its signature styles beginning in the 17th century.  Arriving from the "Orient" (as they referred to it at the time, namely China) it is full of intricate scenery and patterns of nature layered with the opulence of the Baroque style.  Since then, it has become a hallmark of French decor and is practically synonymous with excess.

These days the intricate patterns, embroidery and rich colors of Chinoiserie can be used with more than just vintage aesthetic and are not required in abundance. With roots in Asian culture, it's no surprise that Chinoiserie lends itself perfectly to accent a quieter space. To apply in current decor, ditch the idea of complex mélange of patterns and shiny fabrics. For a modern twist, use a little restraint.  The patterns can add softness and rich depth to the crisp, cold lines of minimalism.


Chinoiserie Scenery
Chinoiserie Sparrow Throw Pillow
chinoiserie floral bird throw pillow
French Lampshade Toile Floral Pattern



From Throw Pillows, Lampshades, Porcelain Ceramics and Wallpapers your options are numerous.  A touch here and there will really amplify a modern aesthetic, adding a nod to Spring.  Have some fun!

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